Fun Party Bag Favours For Bachelorette Parties

Posted on: 25 March 2019

The big day is looming, but there will be one big throwdown for you and your gal pals just as a last hurrah. This is going to be all kinds of fun! To get the party started off on the right foot, you should show your girlfriends just how much they mean to you and how much you want them to have just as much fun as you as the bride-to-be. Party bags filled with goodies for every girl at the party are absolutely fitting for the occasion, and filling these bags with party bag favours is going to be a lot of fun. Here are a few things to consider adding to the mix. 

Hair Ties

All you ladies may show up to the party decked out and your hair all did up, but as the night wears on and there are a few too many dance floor rounds, your hair can get to be a mess. Making sure every guest at the party has a hair tie will prevent anyone from having to rely on rubber bands and anything else they can find to keep their hair up and out of the way. You can even attach hair ties to little cards that say things like: To have and to hold your hair back

Personalized Mirror Compacts

When the ladies at the party need to touch up their makeup, it will be super handy if they have their own mirror compact with them to do so. Drop personalized mirror compacts into the party favour bags and everyone is sure to appreciate the kind gesture. If you want to make these compacts even more special, slip a tiny gift inside like a bracelet or charm. These little compacts are not all that expensive and they are super cute, so they will be treasured and used for the long term. 

Breath Mints

So much food, fun, and "adult" beverages can leave everyone's breath a little less than appealing throughout the night. Drop in a pack of breath mints in the party favour bag, or some breath-cleaning gum or even some Tic-Tacs, just because most of the girls will be needing something before the night is out. As an added advantage, most breath mint packages can be easily personalized with your own favorite sayings or a fun phrase. You can even order customizable breath mints and candy from a lot of party favour companies.